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Book Recommendations

Thien Ly, Manager OneCAD - Vietnam 


“New businesses rely almost entirely on Resellers and Distributors in ASEAN countries yet so many are not aware of this or do not understand the multi currency, multilingual and multi cultural dynamics. This is much needed education on how to work with partners globally and effectively. Yes!” 



Rafael Rodriguez Delgado. VP Global Delivery Account Management Xerox

“To truly maximize your sales engine and globalize your offer, you need to unlock the channel to complement your direct organization. This book helps you to accelerate the benefits of a global channel approach and will help you leverage a symbiotic strategy between a combined direct and channel organization”.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Venkatesh Jeyaram, Director CAD & ENGG. Solutions, CADD Emirates - Dubai 

“Ideal for anyone new to channel sales who wants to know how to do it right avoiding  years of mistakes”.


Andreea Dumitrescu, Managing Director QBS Software EU & UKI (Distributor)

“It streamlines partnership negotiations and increases the chances of success when collaborating with a team that understands channel partners. I wish everyone who approached me had taken the time to read this.”


SaaS Platform

Jo Holliday, Vice President Of Global Sales, Redstor

"A must read for channel managers. Templates like the channel ROI calculator, partner agreement and partner strategies are life savers".

B2B SaaS vendor

Adam Greenwood-Byrne, CEO of RealVNC,

LOVE the “Did you sell something or not?” approach! I really identify with the authors’ no-nonsense view of channel effectiveness – using

measurable KPIs and metrics that are commonplace in direct sales, but are often overlooked in channel sales.

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